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Catégorie : Country

Blackberry Smoke - One Horse Town Sonnerie

In the tiny town where I come from
You grew up doing what your daddy does
And you don't ask questions you do it just because
You don't climb to high or dream too much
With a whole lot of work and a little bit of luck
You can wind up right back where your daddy was
This little bitty town it ain't nothing new
We all stick around 'cause they all tell us too
Swallow your pride just to make your family proud
If I didn't think that it would shut the whole place down
I'd ride my pony right out of this one horse town
Yeah this one horse town
I'm an old married man at the age of twenty three
Got two little boys on the baseball team
And that might be their only ticket out
All they got is a worn out name
And a daddy that could've gone all the way
But I hung my saddle up and I settled down