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Catégorie : Rap, Rock

Migos - Narcos Sonnerie

Hey, cold gang with the cocaine (coke)
The more money make more rain (rain)
Pouring up a pint while I'm bagging propane (bag)
Point blank range give a nigga nose rings (yes)
Skip to my lou with a pack in the cat (cat)
Jiffy, Lube, where the bricks where they at (where)
Dripping, ooze the Patek all wet (ooh)
The birds in the trap they ain't leavin' out they nest (brr)
Get pie face, Seth liek meth, yeah
Yup, runnin' with the pack got slapped (yeah)
Hands in the cookie jar, cut his finger off (ah)
Nigga bein' greedy we gon' cut his tummy out
Hundred bricks on the roads, took a couple routes (bricks)
Plus momma house, Hermes and Fendi couch (eh)
I ain't really with the razzle dazzle
Knock him off and then I throw him off the boat, paddle (brr)
Go to Tijuana, put the kilo on the saddle (ooh)
Sack him, hit a lick cop a pterodactyl (sack)
Pap him, choppa bitin' down like an apple
Mansion with the acres with the horses and the cattle
Trapping like the narco (narco)
Got dope like Pablo (Pablo)
Cut throat like Pablo (cut throat)
Chop trees with the Draco (Draco)
On the Nawf, got Diego (Diego)
Saying hasta luego (luego)
We'll be in wrapping kilos (ye)
Snub nose with potatoes
Straight out the jungle (yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
This real rap, no mumble (yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
My skin black like mamba (yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
Got stash boxes in Hondas (yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
Straight out the jungle (oh yeah)