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Télécharger Sonnerie Need To Know - Doja Cat:

Wanna know what it's like (Like)
Baby, show me what it's like (Like)
I don't really got no type (Type)
I just wanna fuck all night
Yeah-yeah, oh-woah-woah (Oh, ooh, mmm)
Baby, I need to know, mmm (Yeah, need to know)
I just been fantasizin' (Size)
And we got a lotta time (Time)
Baby, come throw the pipe (Pipe)
Gotta know what it's like (Like)
Yeah-yeah, oh-woah-woah
Baby, I need to know, mmm

You're exciting, boy, come find me
Your eyes told me, "Girl, come ride me"
Fuck that feeling both us fighting
Could he try me? (Yeah) Mmm, most likely