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Download Free Us – Jennifer Lopez Ringtone

Jennifer Lopez journeys to the dance floor with dynamite new song ‘Us.’ She’s been releasing a steady stream of songs for her upcoming Spanish album, yet this jam is sung entirely in English. J.Lo’s also readying a collaboration with Cardi B and DJ Khaled, which presumably will be in English too.

So, while it’s not immediately clear what the 48-year-old’s plans are, what is certain is that ‘Us’ awaits after the jump. Listen and download Us – Jennifer Lopez ringtone for your android or ios.

Us – Jennifer Lopez Ringtone:

[Vesre 1]
Is this a warning?
My heart beatin' on an offbeat
Is this a caution
That I can't get enough for your need?

Could it be us?
Could it be us?
Could it be us?
Could it be us?

Feelin' you go on and touch my love
Throwing it now, here you go, catch up
Could it be us?

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